Thursday, June 21, 2012

Not a good Birthday.

I'm the kind of girl that looks forward to her birthday.  I love getting cards and seeing people wish me "Happy Birthday" on Facebook.  I don't expect presents with the exception that I buy myself with my husbands money each year.  In general my birthday is a good day.  Even that one where my mom took my brother and I to get our shots in what I can only describe as a drive by type thing was a good day.

Today, I turned 32.  I don't feel any older then I did at 31.  Today has not been a good day.  Now, it hasn't been horrible its just been one of those days that's kinda sucked.

Being the good wife that I am I slept in the office last night.  DH did not sleep well the night before so I wanted to at least not be one of the problems last night (I snore and I toss in my sleep).  I woke up when he went to take his bath.  So far, so good, right?  I had to pee.  You know the "if I get up and don't go strait to the toilet I'm gonna have an accident" type.  So I laid as still as possible for the next 45 minutes and then bolted in there like it was the salvation that it was.  Not the best start to my day.  I try to stay out of his way when he's getting ready so I got on the PC to do something (frankly, I don't know what I did).  Which is my usual routine...Except I didn't start the coffee.  That my friends is where the day started to landslide.

Thirty minutes later I realize that I have no coffee and I want some now.  Ten minutes later, I have a steaming cup of goodness in my hands to start my day.

I decide that seeing today is MY day I'm not going to work on my book.  I'm going to play my video game.  So I log in and all goes well on that front.  I'm doing my thing and it starts to rain outside, still day not half bad.  Around noonish Fido wakes up.  He usually wants food, water and a cuddle.  Today, He wants to go out (its stopped raining).  I open the door he looks at me with his sweet kitty eyes and I go out with him.  We walk around the apartment building.  He pees, we go in.  He takes a 30 minute nap then proceeds to go apeshit.  He started to climb up a stack of books I have in the office and he fell off.  Not being the most graceful person in existence, I laugh.  Because, let's face it, it was was fucking funny.  He starts his meowing wander around the apartment.  He does this about twice a week, so I ignore it for awhile.  His tone suddenly get's my attention to see him spraying my wall by his scratching post. 

Add in the news about my dad and well turning 32 has not been the best thing to happen to me.  At least not today.