Saturday, November 10, 2012

A dream that is normal for me

They say we all dream.  The proverbial they also say we don't remember most of what we dream.  To this is say: THANK YOU JESUS!  I know these two things:  I dream in color and my dreams are fucked up.

I had a dream last night.  I don't recall any of it except that there was this dude in regency clothes and it was weird.  I am not going to talk about that dream because lets face it I just did and this would be a very short post.

A few weeks back I jinxed myself by thinking about the fact that I haven't had an odd dream in awhile.  I fully expect to have a case of insomnia in the coming week or two because I am due and I had to remind myself of this.  But, hopefully, that one night I thought I might not sleep but I did will count.  I digress. 

The dream that still haunts me went like this.  I was driving around (I have no idea why) and I suddenly realized that I have to let my cat into my grandparents garage.  (For those of you who don't know my cat Fido is an indoor/outdoor cat.)  I rush to my grandparents house and Fido promptly runs into the garage.  As I am about to close the door I see the cutest kitten ever (He was blue/grey on top and white belly and muzzle.)  I cooed him into the garage too.  For some reason I followed them both into the garage (I was feeling rushed, but I had my reasons) and proceeded to walk into my grandparents kitchen.  I guess I wanted to say hi.  Fido and kitty follow me in.  All of a sudden there is barking from the living room and Fido runs in after it.  I rush in to save the dog from Fido and carry him back into the kitchen.

I wake up at this point and put Fido out.  Fido also woke me from weird regency dude dream this morning.

Okay so this may not seem all that odd of a dream except a few points that I will share now.  I live 1300 miles away from my grandparents.  If I was going to leave Fido anywhere in PA it would be at my mom's or at my Aunt Linda's house.  My grandparents are not pet people.  They tolerate other people's pets but if they never saw a cat or dog again they would never complain.  They would never have a dog.  My cat may have at one time or other chased a deer and a turkey and other cats.  He is smartly afraid of dogs.  He wouldn't rush in to fight one.  To me what is most odd is that when he ran into the living room and I chased the "camera" stayed in the kitchen.  I know that I got Fido out because I saw me coming through the door carrying him.  Also, I want to know what kind of dog my my decided that my grandparents had.

It's been a week and I still recall this dream vividly.  Its not the most bizarre dream I've had just the weirdest one in a while.

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