Sunday, November 11, 2012

Brownie Overload or Sorry for my Random Obesssion

I lost my ever loving mind yesterday.  I was obsessed with chatter.  I told the twitterverse all about my brownies...twice.  I even tweeted a picture of them.  They were from a box and tasted just like they always do.  They were all I could talk about.  I was so happy when I could tell another person that I made brownies.  It was a sickness.

Now, I must confess, it really wasn't about the brownies.  It was the absolute bout of stir crazy I had.  I wanted to talk to everyone on the web yesterday.  It was madness.  I also had no motivation to leave the house.

Today, it's raining out and I will have to venture forth into the great wide world.  What is the task I must complete in the cool (but soon will be cold) rain?  Clint asked if we had a lint roller yesterday.  We don't so today I am going to get one.

I need a life...

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